AGROQUIMES, S.A. is a Spanish company, established in 1994 in Madrid.
One of the main marketing activities of AGROQUIMES, S.A. is to promote sales of Muriate of Potash in certain target markets like Iberian Peninsula and some other West European Countries, as well as in North, Central and South America, West and North Africa.

AGROQUIMES, S.A. enjoys very well established business relations with fertilizer producers in Spain, Portugal and other countries, supplying them with significant portion of raw materials, such as MOP, sulphur, rock phosphate, ammonium sulphate, etc. and purchasing their finished products for commercialization.

AGROQUIMES, S.A. has its own experience of production of bulk blended fertilizers as well.

AGROQUIMES, S.A. has become one of the main suppliers to the majority of the fertilizer consumers in Iberian Peninsula on all levels of the market, from wholesellers down to the level of cooperatives and independent farmers, consolidating the clientele of over 20 big consumers and many smaller ones.

AGROQUIMES, S.A. also supplies to a number of fertilizer producers in Spain, FSU, Latin America and Africa en extensive list of specific chemical additives for complex fertilizer production (anti-caking, anti-dust, granulation agents, etc), as well as agents for flotation of Sylvite (Potassium salts), Posphate rock and other minerals.


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