Primary Resources Inc.

A unique and diversified marketer of agricultural and industrial raw materials. A trading company by definition, a producing and processing company in fact.

Primary Resources Inc combines the resourcefulness of a trader with the economic soundness of a producer, equally benefiting its customers and its suppliers.

Primary Resources Inc customized its sales of Sulphur, Fertilizers and Minerals to its customer’s specific needs under FOB, FAS, CFR or CIF terms, in bulk, bagged or containerized.

Primary Resources Inc has created a worldwide network of agents, affiliates, and joint venture partners throughout all major centres in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Primary Resources Inc has as its mandate: Provide the best service, competitive pricing, and timely shipment. Serve its customers from inception to completion.


Phone:+1 203 351 0670

Fax:+1 203 351 0927